Red lines for airports and airport qual option

I’m not really sure where I should post this, since it is a feature request, but nobody will understand it since it has to do with the development of airports for IF.

First of all in my “construction” phase of JFK I came across many many red lines. Now this color option is missing in WED, but we could do something like that: One of the line options we don’t use white broken for example will be displayed red in IF.

To deal with the always bigger getting airports we could add an option as follows: Airport quality: High and low. This could be supported by the airport developers making a really detailed airport for high resolution and delete the most fancy stuff out for the low res airport. You could also reduce the different rendering types etc. The airports that only have one version, the same one will be displayed for both options.

State your opinions below!


We already have one for High-end and Low-End, that’s Terrain Quality on Low/Med. Low has no white lines whereas Medium does.

Even I encountered these red arrows or whatever in KMMT -

Yes. But I mean a separate setting would make more sense for the airports.

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