Red line on map

I’ve got a question. I’m currently flying and when I select an another person on the map you get that green line which shows where they’ve flown. But when I zoom in there is a part of that green line that is red that is just behind the aircraft. Does anyone know what this red line means or what it’s purpose is?

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I think that indicates the aircraft is overspeeding. Usually due to strong winds

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That red line, I think is the altitude of the aircraft are above FL370.

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it’s also with aircraft under FL370


the red line I believe is the legal distance you can be behind the aircraft not sure.

What’s the blue line? I’ve seen red, dark blue and light blue which is usually paired with dark blue

Just like on flight tracking sites, such as FR24, it’s the breadcrumb trail of an aircraft, color coded by altitude.

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Can you provide a picture of the red line please.

What is a breadcrumb trail ? 😂 I’ve also seen this

Thanks. Hang tight. I am getting an official explanation on it.

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This was there in the previous version. Take a look here for the colors.

Color Altitude
Yellow 0ft-1500ft
Light Green 1500ft-4000ft
Green 4000ft-7000ft
Blueish-Green 7000ft-9000ft
Light Blue 9000ft-11500ft
Blue 11500ft-14000ft
Dark Blue 14000ft-16500ft
Purple 16500ft-19000ft
Pink 19000ft-21500ft
Dark Pink 21500ft-24000ft
Red 24000ft-60000ft+

The line always showed up green for me. Weird

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There are two lines. One is the flight plan and one is a breadcrumb line which is the path the plane actually flew. The line I think only shows the last 30 seconds of flight. I may be wrong.


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