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Hey everyone! I have a question. When you are at an airport and you say that you are going to taxi to a runway, why are the colors of the runways when you are selecting them different?

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The red runways are not used due to the wind direction. When the runway is orange it says you have crosswind and green headwind. When ATC is active, also red runways might be in use.


What about orange

Please note, you can still use these runways, however you may find your takeoff/ landing a bit more difficult than usual.
Typically on a live server, it’s best to check if there is active ATC and see which runway they are using


I didn‘t say they are closed.

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I’m just clarifying so the OP can get the best answer possible 😊

Orange means crosswinds. Not something you particularly want during takeoff or landing.

And green as you can probably guess means that you’ll have the best takeoff or landing experience on them due to lack of crosswinds/tailwinds.

You also may want to check out the many tutorials starting with the FAQ

In an ideal scenario planes will take off and land into the wind. The green/orange/red runway numbers indicate the amount of wind based on the direction.

Color Wind
Orange Above 3kts and wind angle is greater than +/- 45 degree difference.
Red Above 3kts and wind angle is greater than +/- 90 degree difference.
Green All other cases

Different planes have different tolerances to wind. Landing on an orange runway with a crosswind in a commercial plane may be easier than in a light Cessna. A red runway does not always mean the runway is closed.


Thought it was 5 kts? Seen some airports with 4kt winds and all runways weren’t colored…

That is what I was given from the developer. It could have changed since then or use a different weather provider. /shrug

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I think 5kts is it in real life.

I don’t think you can see runway colors in real life (:

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Im checking on it. If I need to update it I will.

Of course not but generally wind higher than 5 kts affects the direction of the used runway IRL (that‘s what I was told when I visited EDDL tower). I was just trying to elaborate on where you got the 5 kts from.

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