Red glitch on B789 FMC

Hey, im currently flying the 789 and i noticed this small red glitch on the fmc for a while now. Any ideas as to what it is and how i can fix it ?


For issues like these, it’s vital that the information below is included:

  • Device model
  • Graphics settings
  • Time of day

I personally just tried on my iPhone XS Max, with everything bumped up to max and changed the time of day without seeing this.


Oh wait…its gone now…all this while the red glitch was there on the fmc…

Im using a 6th gen. ipad
Graphics all on high
Current time : night

I think this is occurs when there’s a specific angle of reflection on the screen.

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oh ok…thank you…

It’s quite normal actually. It does happen to me during sunset or sunrise at times. The whole overhead panel and the FMC starts glaring.

Alright…thank you…

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