Red Flag

Hello Fellow Aviators!
If any of you are interested in getting together an event for Military Aviation (fighters, Cargo, AF1, etc.) for “Red Flag” which includes a little of everything from formation flying to combat to military escorts. I love getting together and doing events like these, Please reply if interested and we will get something going!

  • Ed “Wingnut”
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I’m in just tell me the date,time and I will check my schedule

Awesome! Ill keep you posted because i want at least a few more people. Shouldn’t be too far away!
Thanks ,

Awesome just awesome I only fly fighter jets these days. Lovin the F-22

Callsign AN94

Perfect! I love flying the F-22! I Will give you the information on the date and time by the end of the day today! Thanks for joining! appreciate the support! @Louis_Cochran

  • Ed “Wingnut”

Yea I’ll join. Looking forward for the details please

@Wingnut1776, I would join you for some formation flying. It seams like anything bigger than a two ship formation in IF is very challenging! I really wish that something like a red flag was possible, but we are so far away from organizing anything even close to that!!

I’m not sure if you have seen how people fly fighters in IF, but it is obvious that there is very little knowledge about fighter tactics or operations. I wish that someone much smarter than me would put together a tutorial on Basic Fighter Maneuvering!!! The way some pilots fly their fighters with their throttles balls to the walls intercepting other planes makes me shake my head. Managing your plane’s energy seams to be a lost art in the IF fighter realm. That has been my observation at least, I hope it is different for others!

(@Down4Double). Ahh yes energy… A Split S, a High/Low YoYo, music to my ears! Fox1, Here’s lookin for you kid!
Scar 007 Sends

@Down4Double hey buddy! Thanks stopping by! I understand everyone is not as advanced as some people who study tactics and maneuvers… But it’s still fun to get with a group of aviation enthusiasts who can still fly maybe a diamond formation or something close to that. If you would like to join us you’re more than welcome but everything starts out small and gets bigger! Thanks

  • Ed"Wingnut"

@maxmustang I just graduated from. The National Flight Academy in Pensacola and we learned all those maneuvers And fighter tactics… Love it all so much! If you’re in is love for you to do some formation flyin!

Everyone who is in “Red Flag” @Peter_Osioh @Louis_Cochran @Shea_H @Down4Double @Maxmustang if you would like to join me at 11AM Pacific Standard Time (2PM EST) in the Southern California Region at the North Cargo Ramp at KLAX on the free flight server on Tuesday July 21, 2015. Any military aircraft is allowed! Happy landinga and hope to see you there! Thanks again

  • Ed “Wingnut”

@Wingnut1776, Yes sir, well stated. I couldn’t agree more! Red flag is such an extravagant exercise, I was worried that you were setting the bar too high. I didn’t intend to sound like an expert or cynic. Hopefully it didn’t come across that way.

Btw, I like your pic from the Naval aviation museum. It reminds me of my time spent at Eglin. I don’t think it gets better than that museum’s mock flight deck display with the Hellcat!

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My apologies, I can’t make that takeoff time. I hope that you get a good turn out, and have a fun flight!

@Down4Double thanks man! And no you’re fine. I love the Muesem and pretty much all of NAS pensacola! Hah!

No problem can’t wait for it

Awesome! I will be in an F18 with my call sign as “Navy 1776 Flight of _” (how ever many people join)! Thanks and see Ya then! @Peter_Osioh

Sorry I missed it as I was at work. Oh well keep me posted on any other relevant events.
LC- AN94

the event is tomorrow. But if you can’t make It no worries! @Louis_Cochran

  • Ed “Wingnut”

I said that at 12:30 my time. Oops