Red Flag 22-3 (Part 1)

Hey everyone! These past two days I’ve been out here at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 22-3! So far I’ve caught every fighter in the Air Force inventory and gone on a tour of the base! I’ll be back out there this afternoon for my final day here, but without further ado here’s a few photos I’ve taken so far!

To start us off, here’s some F15 Eagles from Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina!

Next up we have two different F35 Variants, the A and the C, since both the Air Force and the Navy are both out here sporting the F35!

Next up, we have the classic: The F16! I absolutely love the F16 and the aggressor schemes are by far my favorite ones out there!

Finally, we have my all time favorite aircraft and my favorite photo from this bunch, the F22! I absolutely love this aircraft and will never have enough photos of it!

And cause why not, here’s a bonus photo of a Southwest 737 Max landing while being photobombed by a Janet 737-600 taking off!

Hope you all enjoyed! If you want to check out more of my work, check out my Instagram! @jackson.aviation


That Nellis Paint scheme is too amazing


I absolutely love their aggressor schemes

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Janet whats that? Is that closed Airline for Zone 51 workers?

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I think Janet is a military charter considering its destinations to places like Palmdale or Homey Air Force Base


No it’s like atlas air charters but does different military stuff. They barley fly to HOMEY airfield


Thanks for quick response :3

Janet operates a lot of flights to the Tonopah Test Range and other classified locations

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We are just the best afb west of the Mississippi


Travis AFB is better lol!

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Although I love Travis I think Nellis gets the win

I was worried this was one of @Kamryn’s topics, thank god its not.

Amazing shots, I’d love to see Red Flag one day

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It’s a pretty incredible event thankful to be back for a second time!

the aggressor liveries are also known as splinter schemes fyi

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lol i didn’t realize RF 22-3 in going on, maybe we can plan on spotting with each other sometime soon 👀

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I’ll probably be there as well

Just found out that RF 22-3 ends tomorrow and Jackson is headed to Oshkosh 🙃

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You could shoot the -35 with a flip phone camera from 2006 and it would still be an amazing picture. Great job with these photos.

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Glad you found out that way I didn’t want to burst your bubble :/

Would have been fun to meet up and spot Red Flag! Leaving for Oshkosh in the morning though. Hopefully I can come back next year for a third year of Red Flag


Pensacola naval base is better😜