Red connection

Hello. I am trying to control grd and twr at Kiah yet the connection shows red but I have accurate and updated winds…yet pilots can’t respond to me but I can hear them…any help is appreciated. Thank you

Log out of tower, log in as a pilot, restart app, open ATC again.

Typically works for me.

[You only have to be in as a pilot for a second]


Which of the buttons is red??

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He is talking about the connection, usually at the top right corner of the screen.

You know in the upper high hand corner

I even rebooted my phone and internet modem… yet still shows red

Even loggin in a ampilot red connection yet correct winds

After clicking on the connection I realised that weather is red all other connections are green…what does that mean?

It just means your weather won’t update. Not the worst thing in the world. But if they can’t hear you, that’s a different story. If they can’t hear you, I would do what I said above. Typically that resets your connection to ATC and they’ll be able to hear you again

I’m having the same issue right now as well…

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yeah you are right. Try @Jeodanie_Smith what tim said

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Weather is something out of your control. Could mean the provider service is having issues. Best solution is to just be patient.