Red Circles?

what are these two red circles for

They’re airspace/airport restrictions

So anything larger than a 757 can’t fly into those airports

@anon57683537 can u fly over them in a aircraft larger then a 757

Yes, you can.

Thanks was just wondering

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Actually, you can just touch those red circles. They are called TFR btw. When you do so, an info box opens with more details. It’ll show you a little text with further information and it’ll give you an altitude sector in which the TFR is active. It’s important to always check that before departing, landing or flying from, through or in that area. Otherwise, you may risk being ghosted for violating the restriction 😊

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IRL you cant even land anything bigger than a 717 at KASE.

The top of the restriction is 15k feet. Anything above that is not covered.

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Here is Deer’s brand new and excellent tutorial on TFRs.

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