Red Circles outside the region

So I was flying on live and saw this:


After searching, I see more of these things. Then I see people flying out to them. What do you guys think of this?

Those are people flying in other regions. You can see things in other region, the red circles are TFR’s in Denver and SFO.


Could you tell me what TFRs are?

Temporary flight restrictions. They are set up to prevent people from flying a certain aircraft or flying into the area at all.

Ah… ok, thanks for clarifying

Same!! On the top left when I was also flying on live I saw those circles again!

Also, in picture 4 you can see someone called Nicky Dave love flying out to them. He was in my region, in fact I actually nearly hit him (sorry about that if your reading this) and he seams to have seen them as well and decided to explore