Red circle

What would happen if I land at a airport with red circle?

To answer your question, nothing. It just means that you can’t fly between airports that are in the circle. Also, move this to #live.

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They’re called NOTAMS, and consequences depends on how strictly they’re enforced.

Its not simply just that. There are temporary ones such as for large fly outs or events, or for the FNF. There are also permanent ones such as at Aspen or Lukla, which means that there are aircraft size restrictions. Keep mind these are usually only in the Expert Server.

If you happen to go into the NOTAM without following the rules, you will likely be ghosted of you use something like an A380 for a small Lukla event. Another example is for FNF’s, such as the following:

This will usually result in a ghost as well. As long as you follow the rules and know your stuff, you won’t get anything bad from the NOTAMS.


That is usually only during FNF events. If you are flying you can tap on the area the red circle is and it will come up with useful information on the reason and what is being enforced by the red TFR or NOTAM.

For example this topic linked below is in regards to the NOTAM that is currently active at Gatwick (EGKK) this week:


Not necessarily. There are NOTAMs restrict certain type of aircrafts at certain airports, or the area near that airport. Lukla(VNLK) for example, only allows GA aircrafts, and that NOTAM is active all the time.

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