Red Circle at KASE

Can someone please tell me what the red circle around KASE says?

Hi! That is a TFR (temporary flight restriction) it includes the departure procedures and aircraft size limits as KASE has some special procedures. Some airports in IF have TFRs. If you spawn at an airport within a TFR there will be a notification telling you what it is and if you’d like to proceed to your session. If you enter a TFR in flight there will be a notification prompt notifying you of your entry in a TFR and advising you to check the map for more details on the specifics of the TFR. If you have any more questions feel free to ask! Cheers.

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The red circle is a TFR, you can find more information about them in the User Guide here:

I asked because I wanted to do a flight from KASE to KDEN with a CRJ-700 and right after I took off I set autopilot to turn 10 degrees right cause that is what the TFR said and instead my plane turned to the left. I don’t know why. Now i can’t play on the expert server until next week. I wish they can fix this and give u warning so can have a chance to fix it or quit your flight if your having a glitch. Getting kicked from expert severer is annoying.

Sorry to hear of the negative experience. Luckily, there is a system in place to appeal any violations you think was wrongfully given or if there was a bug that led to the violation. To appeal, send a message to @appeals and provide all the information needed and they’ll take care of ya.

Thank you!

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TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction)

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