Red Bull Air Race

Hello fellow community members. It seems that Red Bull Air Race is coming to Dallas soon and i was wondering if anybody has gone to one before and if it is worth going to check out?[poll]

  • Yes it is awesome
  • No dont go

Don’t support red bull.

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it’s not worth, trust me


Definitely not worth it.


Can you explain why? @Jompa and @mattrich? I never been to one or saw one.

I’m curious as well, I’ve seen these on TV and they look great. I’m guessing it might not be easy to see the whole event from one spot live?

its kind of like cycling or golfing events;
you constantly have bto move around
you only see one part of it and you’re done
aka its a waste of money as you don’t get the full experience
you’re better off saving some money and watching it on tv instead


It’s not really as exciting as you may think.

Red Bull; the best!

###red bull doesn’t give you wiiings, just alcohol poisoning

#Back on topic

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My profile images shows why not google these German words.

Red Bull isn’t an alcoholic drink soo…


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