Red Arrows


We need the red arrows in the game it will lift it higher!!!


what red arrows are you talking about?


I assume he’s talking about these:


Not entirely sure what you mean about ‘lifting the game higher’ but there are already multiple topics dedicated to aircraft requests. Search before posting


Think about it from a Google Translate point of view. “Lift the game higher” probably means “will make the game better” in another language.

Also all aircraft requests don’t go in one thread. I did not find another “Red arrows” feature request.


Ah, didn’t know he was using translate.

I was told to add all aircraft requests into the same topic?


Read his bio. He mentions that we would like to be in the RAF when he’s older. He’s most likely from the United Kingdom.


No, we want each aircraft to be in its individual topic so we can easily track feature requests. The A320 thread is (should be) the only exception since it’s also a discussion thread for an upcoming feature


RAF air cadets are only present in the UK, thus meaning he’s English. Not sure where he used google translate?


Good point. In that case I don’t know what



This is exactly why we do need pictures in features