Red Arrows to get new aircraft

Our beloved Red Arrows have been saved . . .


I regularly see them as they fly over my house, truly amazing and although it costs a lot to keep them going it think most taxpayers would hate to see it go


A really brilliant display team. Glad they are getting some new rides, the Hawks are great but quite old.

Would be good to have something UK built, but don’t really think anything is particularly suitable.


Very good news, I would like to see them.

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Can’t wait. I love the red arrows.


I reckon it will just be hawk t2 aircraft.

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I flew in back of red 7


you lucky sod, how did you get to do that?

I went to RIAT with cadets and got chosen for some first aid thing. I got out in back not gonna lie was bricking it entire way during formation flying

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fair enough. I remember them flying into riat with cadets. Surely the adrenaline rush must have been overwhelming your nerves. Fair play to you mate, not many people get to have that experience of riding shotgun in a red arrow jet.

Yeah it was great and the adrenaline was pumping but I was still extremely nervous when you could make out the instruments in the aircraft to the right of you

Nice. Very jealous of you now.

Think if they’re typhoons!

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