Red and yellow band across screen during night

I just ran some tests and I too seen the band so I’m still venturing to say that it’s intentional. I also adjust the time a handful of times and the band grew in size as I got closer to morning hours.

iPad Pro 10.5
All settings on high





Hmm, maybe it’s becuase all settings are on high, cause I have all settings on high too

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I don’t believe so. Could be the false dawn or false dusk scheduled for October 9th.

Let me test with lower settings, and again, this is all the time, not just occasionally

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I have flown at night and haven’t noticed these bands. (I just flew at night in IF.)

I just tried with lower settings and couldn’t reproduce the issue, maybe it has something to do with anti-aliasing


Hmm… I have IF at highest settings and I don’t have the bands. 🤔

I had them taking off from KPHL. Northeastern seaboard.

So it’s not the anti aliasing

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Hmm… any at EGLL? It’s where I was at.

I was heading east as well

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When I was there earlier today, there was
But that was heading west


I only tried the northern hemisphere because of the false dawn and false dusk that is occurring this week.


Ok well just looked there now and I don’t see any. (Picture taken at highest brightness)

That was hours ago

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I didn’t notice it until I reached 30000+ feet. I went everywhere between 30000 and 55000 in an F22.


Even so, there should still be a band.

Yes exactly

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I normally see them at the gate from an airport at night when the bands appear.

It depends on the time of day (night) and moon phase when I see something similar from the ground. This is a different situation. Anyways, I’m off for the night. We’ll see what RGB8 says 😊