Red and orange lines at night

Has anyone gotten red or orange lines when they fly at night?

I don’t see anything in the pictures… can you direct me to where they are?

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If you closely under the aircraft in the middle of the screen in the sky
The best photo is the last.

i think you’re referring to the horizon? (where the earth and sky appear to meet)

Try turning off your device all the way and turn it back on, if that doesn’t work reinstall IF.
Edit: or try changing the graphics settings

I had to turn my brightness all the way up to see it, but nonetheless I have no idea. A uninstall isn’t always the answer.

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A reinstall should be the last thing you do, you loose all your replays. Don’t do it just yet!

It’s just probably the sun messing with your eyes. It’s nighttime, and depending on where you are, it happens more than others. The sun may be about to rise all the way soon.

Yes, seen this while flying at night. It depends on the moon phase and other things. Basically it’s an orange-ish hue on the horizon. I’ll find a topic that I commented on in the past. There’s no issue here :)