Red and Green in Runways

When you.look at the runway from the map view at one point the runway ex 27L would be red and then on the same runway the opposite side ex 8L, would be green.

The green runways mean that the winds favor that runway. Red means that the winds don’t favor the other runway.


Red indecates the runway preferably shouldn’t be used.
Green is that side that should be used.
This depends on the wind directions 🧭

On training server, don’t request taxi to a red runway. And follow ATC instructions even if they tell you to go to another runway than the one you want…

It is important to note that when a runway is red it is not closed


Green runways simply means thay winds are favourable for the runway whereas red runways means winds aren’t favourable.However some people thinks it risky to land there.But it’s not done that way.If the winds blowing at the airport is less than 10kts, you’re good to use any runway.ATC can also use any runway for use even if it’s red.In case winds gets more than 10kts safety precautions are taken for the runway and then most probably runway changes are occurred with changing ATIS information.

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