Red Airpot Dots

I am on a flight in global from NZAA to YBBN. On the map airports have a green dot but the area in which I’m flying into is red? Does this mean I can’t land there?

Hello! The dots indicate visibility conditions on that airport.
I can’t remember exact what’s what though… Red isn’t the best, of that i can assure you!


I believe it is more around if you can fly VFR or not. For visibility purposes.


@Alex_McLean… MaxSez… Interestiion Comment “Red Dots”? Appears no one who responded know the Color Codes. Where do you find Fuel and what’s the procedure to refil? I start with a 1/2 tank , nevahappen. Looked in the Tutorials there no help I could find. No Legond for the globe, No Delineation by country or FIR boundarys, I’m spending more time decoding Airport Codes than flying… ?. Oh my, somebody point me by guess and by God, I don’t use no stinking canned routes with my GA, I’m dead reckoning again…

After looking at your comments/ replies for 2 years, I can assure you I have not understood one of them :)


@Captain_Dan…MaxSez: Just take your time Dan, Parse It, I step at a time in logiogical progression. It’s called brevity, not verbosity. LOL

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@Maxmustang Fuel: On the parking/apron. Brakes on then to the Weight and balance menu and refill.

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@Andre_S. MaxSez. Thanks, Been to a Few Operating B’s thus far have not seen a single Fueling Station… Are they Color Coded, is there a tutorial

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No problem. No gas stations. Just be off the runway at any airport, parking brakes on. Simple as that.

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Come now, serious answers please.


Red dots might be for very low visibility.