Red Airport

Why do some airport in the map are red? If y’all know what I mean…

Red airports mean that it is Instrument Flight Rules Only (IFR). Red airports will also have very low visibility compared to the other non-red airports.

i’m really not sure what ifr

Instrument Flight Rules. Basically, it’s very low visibility.

It means you should use ILS, GPS approach, and or APPR. Because you wont be able to see outside

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what you mean “you won’t be able to see outside”

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Just gonna chuck this out there

Regarding your question, scroll to the bottom of the topic I linked above.


so basically the colors tells you how sucky your flight will be?

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Umm no the color tell you what is your chance of flying visual ils or gps red means that there is low visibility and appr is pretty much suggested and the airport has a lot of fog which creates low visibility while approaching and if the color isn’t red that means that the airport is good enough to use visual approaches rhat time as where you just visualize you approach into the airport. The airport color doesn’t tell you how sucky your flight would be after you get above the clouds there can be some good pictures of you above the clouds the color just tells you what is suggested like using ils or gps approach instead of visual.

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so technically…

So technically what…

so technically it tells you how sucky your landing/take-off will be

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No! It tells you weather conditions! Listen please.

Well not sucky that depends on the wind and what direction the wind is heading you could file a fpl and make it so it is on the middle red line of the ils approach line up and put it in nav as soon as you takeoff or just use a plane that has the appr mode and use that.

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yeah that’s what I meant, and no need to be salty


No not your flight your landing/takeoff

Still depends on the wind though

Well Listen And if you don’t like what we tell you don’t ask.

This has got out of control

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I’m closing this topic