Red Airplane color alert for ATC

Would be great if you see a red plane as Controller to help him separate them. Also when planes are on runway.

The two planes will be displaying red both


Pretty cool idea, would love it but am not sure if this is realistic. (In Real life)

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Yeah. I’m pretty sure it’s realistic. I don’t know much about controllers but I’m more than certain that if aircraft had this feature. ATC would as well

Plot twist = Alert every 5 seconds on TS1


I agree with you 👍

I think they can see the aircraft altitude in real life but if they see two planes at the same altitude coming close to eachothet they request on to climb and one to descend

Agree, although the PIC should anticipate this situation and avoid pro-actively to be involved in by either change the climb/descent speed, the forward speed or the FL.