Recurring freeze frames

Yes but not a big enough factor to go back as this can be fixed.

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Once low power mode kicks in during my flight the app should run fine. Maybe low power mode is the culprit? Although the freezing happens when I’m active on the app.

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Have a look here: infinity flight global is often freezing on iPad air 2

This is your solution, with your device!

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Low-power mode reduces cpu speed. Not good


Also something philippe said:

“Hide the minimap if you haven’t done it yet, it can help. We will continue hunting those stability and performance problems.”


Also here’s some great tips

Yeah, that also happens to me…

I am assuming that when the new weather information is applying, it freezes, and after a while, it come back to the normal.

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same here, I think the ipad air just meets the requirements for the game so this happens.

If you find a solution please let me know

I will let you know a solution when I possibly find one! 😀🤩👍

It happens sometimes to me when I am on Trans Atlantic flights. I just exit out of the app and enter it again and it should be fine. There are thousands of people flying at the same time so that may have to do with it.

My experience is usually very smooth, but last night I was having this issue as well. I was on the expert server in Maryland USA late at night and there was only on other aircraft about 60nm away. I’m on an Nvidia K1. I tried limiting the frame rate, but that didn’t seem to help.

I think there’s a slight problem with the application may be. However, don’t judge me on that =D.

Is your Wi-Fi not working fast enough?the game may show down when attempting to load new infomation.

It’s possible, but I didn’t see any connection issues. I actually upgraded my modem and wifi router before Global came out because I wanted to make sure everything ran smooth as possible. Did a speed test. Since Global came out I’ve had no problems, until that night and last night. It’s not a big issue. I still had an amazing flight, but there were definite freezes where everything just stop for a good 10 secs.

Yo idk what view ure using for take off or landing.
But as me… I play in cockpit view and HIDE the MINIMAP… surprise! It is much better! try that

am using iPad 2017 iOS11

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Even though you have high frame rates you should still turn graphics to low if the problem continues to appear. Also restart your device and clean your RAM regularly.

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Guys, I’m talking about recurring freeze frames, not lag. I’ll change the title

This means your device is being pushed to its limits. It’s like night and day. I had the most success though after the following:

-Lowering the graphics settings including disabling Anti-Aliasing

-Keeping the device from heating up by
lowering the brightness (while charging especially)

-Lowering aircraft count

-Hide the minimap

-Made sure my internet connection was fresh and could handle an increased workload.

-Avoided running any background apps


Thanks for the advice. I’ll try them and if they work this topic can be closed :)

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Does it freeze when it is running smoothly ore does it lag and also freeze?

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