Recurring camera issue

So about a month ago I created this same topic. We didn’t find any official answer but we assumed it was because I was using third party apps during a flight.

Since then I’ve stopped using third party apps during a flight but this camera issue is still happening. I’ve attached a video below so you know what I mean

Then this time something new occurred. I was having issues with setting altitude on autopilot. That includes turning it on and off and changing the altitude setting. From this I nearly crashed on final and had to turn off autopilot completely to stop my aircraft from crashing. Again I recorded a video of it.

I don’t think my device (Huawei Mate 20 Pro) is the issue since it runs IF perfectly fine in terms of performance.

This issue is extremely annoying. It makes it harder to land since I can’t move the map around so I have to do a visual approach when this happens.

Has anyone got any answers or suggestions for how and why this is happening and how I can stop it from happening?

not sure why this would happen but you shouldnt be moving your camera like then anyways.
in what situation would you be zooming in and out so quickly all the time ??

I don’t move my camera like that. I was only doing that in the video to show that when I move the camera like normal it only zooms in and out and nothing else. I was doing it to show my point


I remember having this long ago, I don’t remember what I did to fix it sorry

It’s fine. Atleast I’m not the only one who experienced this issue

Lets take them one at a time. What are we looking for in the first video? All I see is that you are zooming in and out and changing cameras very quickly?

I remember this happening to me a very long time ago, I’m talking a good 4-5 years back on my iPad 2. I’m sure you’ve tried everything but what usually works for me when a glitch like this appears is leaving the app for a few seconds then going back in.

What is your android version? Still 9 or the newest 10?

So in the cockpit camera, the normal camera etc you can obviously zoom in and out and move about. You usually pinch to zoom in and out and just use 1 finger to move the camera about. And to change the camera angle you just move your finger side to side

In that video it shows that it becomes all messed up. I can’t move the camera side to side to change the camera angle it only zooms in and out no matter what I try. If I just try to move the camera side to side as normal it only zooms in and out. If I try to pinch to zoom in and out it just doesn’t do anything.

As for me changing the camera modes very quickly it was just to show that it isn’t just on one camera mode where this happens.

If you need I can make a better video to explain it

With my phone the software is kind of weird. It’s technically android but the system is Emui. I’m on Emui 10.0.0 which is the latest version as far as I know

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Yea I’ve tried doing that but nothing happened sadly

Had exactly the same today!

Restarting my phone so far seemed to cure the problem. It was also a one off and I’ve never seen this before.

I’d also suggest to clear the app cache (long press on icon, app info, clear cache) prior to the device reboot!

Closing down IF does solve it. But I obviously don’t want to do that in the middle of a flight. I’m more looking for why this happens

Yes, that’s android 10! I have the same, but on Samsung with OneUI2.0.

I am doing 4-5 separate, 30 mins sessions nowadays and in the last 4 weeks and only happened to me once, today.

Ending the flight and respawning didn’t help, only the reboot.

I’d say this is not a device issue, as we both have different ones, not necessarily app issue as I haven’t had this before. However, the only one main thing in common: the android version. 10 seems to cause some issues nowadays. Rest assured it will be looked at!

I know doing non-standard or crazy moves with the camera causes it to lock up sometimes. From my experience.

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Yea but before this issue had happened in the past I wasn’t going crazy with the camera. I was moving it around at a normal speed.

It could be the software I guess but if that was the case wouldn’t it happen to every app?

Not necessarily. It depends what changes in the OS have been implemented and their relation to IF.

Me and others on Samsung devices had some weird crashes recently and so far it seems the issue has something to do with the Samsung android 10 variant as it hasn’t really been occurred on any other devices so far!

Yea. Do you know how long android 10 has been out for? I started having this issue quite afew months back but it was only like 1 in 20 or so flights. Now its happening nearly every flight. I wonder if any ios users have had this issue

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