Recurrent checkride ..

Being part 135/91 I have to do a recurrent check every year which includes:

2 days of ground class covering everything that you would in a 7 day class. Systems- electric, fuel, hydraulic, pneumatics… many more I can’t even think of right now. Lol

2 sim sessions (one cold day and one hot and high altitude airport day). All of which involving on the ground and in the air emergencies and most important of all decision making as a team (proper use of CRM. No room for big egos here)

5th day is your checkride. Entails oral. Today’s was just shy of 5hrs. A brief of what we will do in the sim. Since it’s two people in the cockpit getting the checkride (one is pilot flying and the other monitoring and then switch). In total that was just over 5 hrs of Sim check.

We both passed and we are good for another year. Technically 1 year for this jet, but will be back in 6 months for the other jet which I also fly.

Just a couple of pics of the sim bay and sim.

Enjoy. Going to sleep like a baby tonight! Ha!


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