recur ghost?

who is the expert server manager, I would like you to review my ghost case


Please view your in-game log book to see the name of the controller that ghosted you and send them a PM.

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A PM with relevant information, mind you. Not “my ghost”, but your callsign, where and when, etc.

I never had a problem flying, I had clear track 27L requested but he did not want, when he changed the course to track 27R he got me ghost, I’m a good player I’m sorry but the driver did not give a chance

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Do this. @chayathorna



I’ll presume that you’re leaving out the part where instead of listening to his vectors you continued to go for 27L. Is that a correct presumption?


continue a little yes, but change the course quickly I never have problems and I always follow the instructions I only got this ghost

I feel bad because I like the expert server

I only have violations of the principle due to speed lapses but nothing more and I have not had infractions of a long time ago

Well then it’ll be send him the PM. Your headings will align with his vectors and all will be cleared up.

Unless, of course, they don’t.

But, one more time: You need to PM him. We cannot do anything for you.

The threshold for following instructions is following instructions, not being a good flyer. If your headings were the same as his vectors, I’m sure you’ll have no problem…

PM him.

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I already wrote a message, nobody answers

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Patience. Remember we have different timezones on this planet ;)