Recruitment for New VA! [Disregard]


I am proud to announce that Spirit VA is about to take off but first we to fill some pilot and staff positions! If you are interested in joining please click here:`Preformatted text
I am the COO and the CEO is @Captain_Brenneman Once we get some pilots, we are going to start our approval process with the IFVARB.
-Brandon, COO
Spirit VA


Finally…yes!! lol I’ve bene waiting for a Spirit Airlines VA to take off. Now we can add you to our Denver mass get together. Also your link takes me to a URL
Best of luck from your ULCC brother Frontier.


Please wait until you become a member (TL2) before posting VA related stuff. :)


URL doesn’t exist

Here is a URL.

Sign up on this url I posted above^^🙂

I believe you have to get approved before you can start hiring. And plus, you aren’t Trust Level 2 yet, you need to be TL2 before you can create a VA. Also, this isn’t the proper category.

I am not creating it:)

@Captain_Brenneman is the creator

Ok, but this still isn’t the proper category. And plus, (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) that you can’t post until you get accepted by the IFVARB. @Captain_Brenneman

Please contact my CEO :)

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Wrong category, this must be under VA.

If he’s the creator, then he should be making the thread since he’s a member.

You have to create the VA first and have the IFVARB inspect it. Once inspected and approved, then the CEO may announce his new VA on the forums.