Recruitment for IFM and IFES Designing team.

Hello Everyone,

We are looking for bright and creative people to join our new IFM and IFES Designing team. It is very easy to join, just create a design consisting of one of the IFM Logos and the title. If the picture is approved you can join immediately, otherwise you will have to resubmit another design in a week’s time. The IFM logos and name can be found in the picture above.

If you are interested shoot me a pm. Please don’t use this as another way to get recruited into IFM although once in the designing team you will be treated like a regular member of the IFM and IFES. Lack of performance will lead to warnings and if persistent, removal from the designing team.

Also, please make sure to use and edit non-copyrighted photos or photos taken by you.

Thank You and I hope to see many of you join.

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I see that many of you are sending me private messages with your questions. If you think that others might benefit from your questions, feel free to post them below.

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