Recruitment Event: Crossfire at the Crossroads @KIND - 232000ZAPR18

Server: Expert

Airport: KIND

Time: 2100z-0200z

NOTAM: Crossfire at the Crossroads:

Calling all pilots from far and wide! The new startup airline IndyAir Virtual is hosting a fine recruitment event right in the heartland of America. IndyAir Virtual is a new airline based in Indianapolis, IN, and has direct service from the “Crossroads of America” to 20+ airports both small and large scattered across the Midwest, from Missouri to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to Alabama.

No experience nor application required! Just hop online and come fly with us! If you would like to give the IndyAir experience a try, feel free to take a look at the flight schedules provided on our VA website, give our flight planning resources a spin, and hop into one of our fleet aircraft and fly one of IAVA’s very own flight legs.

At the end of the evening, feel free to submit any commentary you may have to our VA website under the “Contact Us” link, and if you feel like you would fit in well with IAVA, please feel free to drop us a Pilot or Corporate Staff Application under “Careers > Apply Now!”

Thanks, and hope to see you there!

Smooth flights,

Robert Welch
CEO, founder, and Chief Pilot, IndyAir Virtual

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This Monday folks! Looking forward to seeing you there! It’ll be a fun evening.

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