Hay guys so I just wanted to ask the community what draws you to join certain airlines. When you answer disregard the ideas you have about the real airlines and think about what attracts you to join these virtual companies?


How professional they are, what services they offer (PIREPs etc) and how well organised they are.


What I hear most is :

  • Uniqueness
  • Realism / Professionalism
  • Big point : Website ocurrance
  • Difference between your all day flying that you can do without a VA.

The points above may differ for the different kinds of VAs, these are the voices that I hear from mine actually. Hope that helps.


Well implemented by aerosync :)

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I usually reference their Official Topic. I’m drawn to airlines that make their Topic look official, organized, well-developed, and grammatically correct.


I usually see from their professionalities. Members experiences, how organized their VA is, and the realism :)


I look at how organized and professional the virtual airline is, and give a look at their website (if one) to see how clean it looks.

Hmm good question…probably staff members who comment shortly after you. It shows they care enough to answer any question and not make you wait. Also any carrier who handles dissenters in their topic politely but firmly have my vote.

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Professionalism, realism, organizes, welcoming, professional on the “official” va thread, looking forward to Global, large quantity and variety (narrow body, wide, heavy, super) of aircraft to fly, real world airline name, destinations/routes. Hope this helps

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