Recruiting Show Pilots

We are recruiting people for IFST (Infinite Flight Show Team) The IFST will bring a whole new proffession to IF in a BRAND NEW way. We are the Sean D. Tucker of IF… We are the BLUE ANGELS of IF… WE are THE THUNDER BIRDS of IF!!!

Must be at LEAST~ Grade 3 (if you are appealing or else grade 4, maybe if you are VERY appealing grade 2 close to 3)
Must have live for~ 2 months from when you sign up.
Must be at least the age of~ 12
Must/ must be/have~ serious about what you are doing, have a steady hand, come up with SOME maneuvers for the team, available most of the time, able to maneuvers with little to NO communication (usually no)

Want to Join Now?
If you want to join now leave a like and comment and we will add you to a chat with me (COO) and @Josh_Mcmunn (CEO). If you just PM us you will be ignored. FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS!!!

We are serious and if one of our members are screwing around, being inactive, or non professional (in words and actions) you will be permanently removed.

This is a message from your IFST COO|~ @eli_Mumm

IFST founder~ @Josh_Mcmunn (CEO)

If you do join you will have the time of your life showing off the sklills we can do in IF :)

Happy Flights!


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