Recruiting Reminder

This hasn’t been touched on for a while, so I wanted to throw out a reminder for those of you who are considering undergoing the IFATC recruiting process and/or are new to the forum.

Please, please, PLEASE provide all of the information requested in the thread below.

AKA, this.

  • display name
  • callsign
  • age
  • level of experience
  • screenshot of operations count (Select ATC from Main Menu, you will see xxx operations in the top right hand corner with your name.)

The reason why I bring this up is that there has been a large number of individuals who are sending initial messages to my (and others’) inboxes with nothing but a statement. It used to be once a week for me, but it’s getting more frequent. Six requests in the last few days are not normal.

We here in IFATC value the initiative of going the extra mile. While some may take the time to send a follow-up message, others may not, nor are they required to. Step up to the plate where it counts.

Happy controlling!


Joshua is spot on here.


  • I want to be IFATC
  • I want to throw my hat in the ring
  • can I be an Expert Server controller

My personal favorite

  • I’d like to apply to be IFATC
    Which is one that I will reply to with a simple “Then please do so”

Most of us will simply ignore these messages without a second thought. Your initial message to us says a lot about maturity and comprehension.


Still happening (as of five minutes ago). Bumpity bump bump, bumpadoo bumpakin.


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