Recruiting pilots for formation flights!

Does anyone want to fly in formation?
Just join, we make decisions about the stuff we gonna do
I hope that every one in here is happy with this little Flying crew


Where and when?

Every sunday formation training and every month a show
Sunday Will be at 12 o clock london time

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London time is Zulu time.

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That would be an event and you can’t make events because you have to be at TL2 which you are not.

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So this is like a VA??

hello i am member off AAT and i am #1 lead off the team raptor AAT is a team off aerobatic pilots that fly formation. we fly the sr-22 F22 F14 if you are interested in joining contact me or @overspeed

-Hello there,
if you want to do formation flying professionally, please check out the intro post and website of AAT, the one and only aerobatic team of Infinite Flight :

website :

head of AAT

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