Recruiting filmers/actors

Hear me out guys,

I have wanted to create a movie for a while now, but haven’t have had the time to film it or find other pilots etc, now most of my exams are over you can try out.

I’m just going to skim over the details of the movie.

It’s cliche so leave if you hate a movie where you know what is going to happen.

Get this, this has never been done before.

President flying his own 747 air force one type thing

4 Fighter jets flying around it,

A passenger plane - 777ER flying at same flight level.

The 777 loses radio contact and basically flies into AF1.

but wait

The 747 crash has mysteriously gone missing

dun dun duuuhhh

The film is basically about finding the 747 crash.

I don’t like to give away the story line, but lets say it involves a lot of conspiracy theories, red neck cessna owning pilots and military bases big enough to hold a 747.

Requirements -

Please PM me with this layout

Willing to record your voice-
Team Speak-
Ability to record gameplay-
Ability to fly correctly (maintaining flight level and speeds)-
Would you like to film/act (can do both)-

If you are accepted then the whole storyline will be revealed.

Peace out

Also, comment below if your interested but want more details


Are fly a aircraft but not do a voice over

Doing it now

This will be in live? Seems like a fun idea. But if only I had the time…

Hi I would love to do this…But does age matter?