Recruiting community members that would like to help me make a VO

Hello all! I have recently joined Global Air Forces in IF, after I joined it brought me a great idea! I see that there is no active VO or pending approval VO surrounding the U.S Army by its self. I would love to create a VO around the U.S Army aviation. But I would need help to create this VO, so that’s where you guys come in! Im looking for people who are mature, dedicated, and hard workers to come help me create this VO. I want this VO to be as professional as it can be so we can build a big community and have a great time. So… if you are interested in this opportunity respond to this post and I will PM you on IFC. Open to anyone, of any age as long as you are mature and ready to make a awesome VA!

Deakin Pope

Hey! Sounds like a cool idea! Once you get in contact with the IFVARB, feel free to drop a post here!

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