Recruiters Have Lives

This has happened multiple times in the last 24 hours, so I’d like to give everyone a friendly reminder.

Recruiters have lives.

If there are odd moments where we may not reply to you for an entire day, here are a few possible explanations as to why.

  • Holidays (Labor Day, Christmas, etc).
  • Visiting family/spending the day with them after not seeing them for weeks on end.
  • Emergencies or situations requiring immediate attention.
  • Going somewhere with no Internet.
  • Having an unusually full day with a robust schedule.
  • Birthdays.
  • And so forth.

With regards to the earlier points, we like to unplug from IFC altogether for a while as it allows us time to cherish our moments with those we love and treasure. Additionally, habits will vary from recruiter to recruiter - I’ll sit down twice a day or so and reply to all of my messages in one go rather than intermittent requests. Others are different.

Either way, patience is a virtue. If it’s been over, say, 3-4 days, then feel free to bump your message - we won’t hold it against you. The main point to all of this is respect to us and our time. By bumping or checking in constantly, you send signals that can be interpreted very differently depending on who you’re doing it to. Some may feel inadequate for not being able to reply on the minute, others may get annoyed or irritated, some can feel burdened by having to recycle through the same people, and/or perhaps others don’t feel appreciated at all. Those not good feelings to have regardless of station or circumstance; perception is key to your interactions with not only us but others as well.

Be a decent human. Remember that this entire network is composed of volunteers who have a lot of dedication and love for what they do. This extends to other organizations under the IF umbrella such as the IFATC Training Team, the IFVARB, and so on.

Time is precious. It doesn’t mean you won’t get what you want. It means you need to learn how to work with it and coast along for the ride. That’s all.

(Though to the tune of 60K a year, I will happily reply to your messages at 3 in the morning :P)


Very well said!

Thanks for clearing up, non of you recruiters are discobot

The opportunity to feel no emotion? Tough call.


So many people have made threads complaining about ATC not responding and they said it’s been soooo long “4 hours” or “2 hours” or a day. People just don’t understand and they think that they are always online.

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Just a side note about this particular tactic used by the impatient.

I don’t know about everyone else, but my browser is bound to be open on one device or the other with the forum being one of the tabs.

For whatever reason, even if I haven’t so much as glanced at it, it shows me as active essentially at all times. I’m sure there are similar circumstances for the recruiters.

I’ve seen so many threads and PMs with include the phrase “but I see him online…”

One, this is not necessarily true. They may have a browser open, but it doesn’t mean their eyes are actually on it.

And, two, this is pretty much crazy stalker behavior and completely abnormal and ludicrous. Given that maturity is a not-insignificant factor in the recruitment process, I highly suggest not going this route.

Stalking isn’t a good look for anyone.


This. I have Slack and IFC open on my iPhone, iPad, Mac, and some other backup devices without logging off for the night. Shows me as 24/7 active perpetually.

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That’s good advice. For everything, not just on this matter.

Yes, we’re living in a globalized world where everything is connected and online. But not everything can be done immediately. I notice that on IFC but also elsewhere. Everyone wants a reply asap. Every E-Mail, every letter, every request, … And when they don’t receive it, they’re getting stressed and upset. What’s going on? Are we forgetting that humans aren’t computers?

Especially here on IFC. You guys are volunteers. Just like IFAET and IFVARB. You do a lot of work for this community, fantastic work. It’s important that we don’t forget what patience means.

Thank you, all the best!


Is this ment to be in ATC

Yes, it is.

They are IFATC recruiters, that’s what they mean. And it’s actually not just IFATC recruiters, VA/VO recruiters also have heavy lives and it can take a pretty long time for a VA to respond to your application, but like IFATC, it’s worth the wait


That is true, but people wanting to become ifatc want to become it. Recruiters have a responsibility to respond as soon as possible, and if the can’t respond within the day, then maybe they shouldn’t have the position as recruiter.

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It’d be tough to make a list of the funniest things I’ve read all week, but this is up there.

At the risk of sounding aloof - when you’re older and take on more responsibilities in general, you’ll understand. We all go through the same thing. :)


Yes I understand that all adults have lives, but I am saying that there are a lot of people who want to be recruiters so being responsive should be a quality of recruiters.

Can confirm… I’ve gotten countless “my recruiter hasn’t responded, what do I do?” messages this week only to find out they contacted them like 4 hours ago.

Not a good way to get the ball rolling. Great post, Josh!


You can’t be serious.

They have a responsibility to cater to the whims of the impatient? No, they certainly do not.

They have responsibilities to employers, or to school, or to their children or spouses. If you think 24 hours is a long time, you are clearly not able to demonstrate the perspective and capacity for mature, rational thought the position requires and perhaps becoming a controller isn’t for you.

24 hours is not a long time.


Thank you so much for this topic Josh. I know you guys are the big guns you recruit for IFATC I recruit for TSATC I know it’s not the same thing but still thanks for addressing this I get this a lot it happens so often being a recruiting team of 1. I have a life outside of being a TSATC recruiter I don’t do TSATC 24/7 I think this topic is well deserved and really strikes a point for you guys and me down on the TSATC team. Once again thanks Josh!


I don’t really know what you are thanking me for. (I’m trying to play devils advocate by the way) there are multiple people in the community that I have heard that want to be recruiters. The fact that recruiters wait a day to respond is unacceptable. At that pace, it will take a long time for anyone regardless of ability to become IfATC. Once again trying to argue for the other side here please don’t thonk of me personally as a bad person.


I would really like you to try to become a IFATC recruiter it takes a lot of time to get good at and it’s a hard thing to do I do not think that you are available 24/7 and much less on the IFC 24/7 give them a chance and they will respond patience matters!

Thank you, kind sir. :)

Also, thanks for being the 50th! Here’s your celebratory cupcake.