Recruiter is not answering

Hi so a while ago i signed up for IFATC and my recruiter send me a PM so i answered back but it’s been 11 days since he answered back is this normal or no?


Normally IFATC is quite busy so it may be a wile to hear back from him. I suggest you follow up on your recruiter (basically kindly send one more message to him) 😄👍

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I’ve seen many topics about this. It’s ok to bump the message and follow up with your recruiter like @Planeviation said since it’s been 11 days.


Please ensure that you have followed the correct application process outlined here:

If you’ve followed the correct process and your recruiter still has not contacted you back after another few days… Feel free to PM @Tyler_Shelton or @JoshFly8.

Best of Luck! Hope to see you in IFATC soon! :)


I would send them another message but IFATC is very busy

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I would definitely follow up. Perhaps that recruiter is extremely busy and another is available. I applied yesterday, received word today, completed my exam, and have my practical this afternoon. It’s been great.

@Derek_McCauley good luck on your practical!

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Thanks, I bombed it but had a bunch of trolls contribute. Need more practice with a bunch of planes in the pattern. basically IRL piloting does not translate as easily to this game.

You should also just do training, rather then take your test right away. It’s extremely helpful :)
takes like 1 week

My recruiter said to take the test before they’d assign trainers (apparently there’s a waitlist). I’m currently self practicing while I wait for an assigned trainer. They tell you the areas you need to work on and you can retest in a week or whenever the trainer deems you ready.

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oh okay that makes sense, keep practicing! Hope to see ya in the group soon :)

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