Recreating the final 747 delivery flight


if someone can get me this fpl i will do it

DM me ill send you it

Send me this flight plan, please.

Same here please!

dm me and ill send it

This is the flight plan, direct from FlightAware.

SEA V120 EAT 4700N/11924W 4723N/11930W 4714N/11915W 4712N/11901W 4714N/11848W 4728N/11831W 4714N/11816W 4711N/11803W 4714N/11750W 4722N/11733W 4707N/11739W 4708N/11811W 4708N/11856W 4706N/11926W 4637N/11918W 4638N/11909W 4657N/11856W 4657N/11913W 4701N/11913W 4701N/11849W 4637N/11904W 4638N/11831W 4657N/11831W 4645N/11841W 4645N/11831W 4643N/11831W 4643N/11849W 4701N/11834W 4701N/11827W 4638N/11826W 4638N/11813W 4657N/11800W 4657N/11816W 4701N/11816W 4701N/11753W 4637N/11807W 4637N/11749W 4707N/11739W 4713N/11737W HLN DPR MCW JOT CEGRM5

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That is pixel perfect. W rare ifc

Treasure hunt 9.


747 Crown FPL.fpl

To anyone who wants to get it the easy way. Download this (it’s the FPL) and upload it to IF

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