Recreating the Dodgers 2023 Charter Flights!

Let’s Go Dodgers! MLB Teams require a lot of flights for a full 162-Game Season from March to October!


  • I will fly the exact routes that were flown by the dodgers (same time of day, aircraft, livery, parking, flight plans, cruising altitude)

  • I will post all flight logs followed by what games were played as a result of this flight and the final score of the games

  • If the Dodgers took a bus or train ride instead of a plane ride I will make a note in the thread prior to posting those game results

  • I will also post 20-30 minutes prior to each flight in case anyone wanna does ATC

  • All Flights will happen in the Training Server

Let’s Go Dodgers

Also here’s a picture of beautiful Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA because this challenge is focusing on flying to go see other stadiums but you can’t forget about where you’re playing 81 of your 162 games


I’m not a sports fan myself, but this would be cool to see!


The Dodgers Started The 2023 Season at home with the following results:

March 30, 2023: The Dodgers get the Opening Day win over the Arizona Diamondbacks

March 31, 2023: The Dodgers fall to the Arizona Diamondbacks

April 1, 2023: The Dodgers get it done against the Arizona Diamondbacks behind a career night from Trayce Thompson

April 2, 2023: The Dodgers drop the finale and settle for the series split against the Arizona Diamondbacks

April 3, 2023: The Dodgers win big against the Colorado Rockies

April 4, 2023: The Dodgers complete the quick sweep against the Colorado Rockies and now sit atop of the NL West

After this it was time for the Dodgers to go to their first away game which was set to be held in Arizona (time for the first flight)

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It’s great to see someone else do this. I do the same for the Yankees.


I will start the flight from KBUR to KPHX in 20ish minutes on the Training Server

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We didn’t get to fly to NY this year to see you tho, you had to come fly to us lol. Next year tho


@ me when you start. I can control if you want.

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That would be great. I will :)

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@Orby I’m starting right about now, can you please do KBUR Ground & Tower? Once I take off SOCAL Departure is appreciated too and I believe someone else is already doing Los Angeles Center but you could do Albuquerque Center when I cross over as well as KPHX Approach, Tower, & Ground. Thanks :)

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I can do tower, but I most likely won’t be available after, but ill try.

CORRECTION: KBUR has their own departure


Hey, everything is appreciated, thank you :)

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Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona

Some fun facts about Chase Field

  • It was the first stadium in the United States with a retractable roof over a natural-grass playing surface, although since 2019 it has used artificial turf.
  • It was also the first ballpark to feature a pool in the outfield, which is located 415 feet from home plate. The first home run ball to land in the pool (on the fly) was hit by the Cubs’ Mark Grace on May 12, 1998.
  • The roof of Chase Field can open and close in four and a half minutes, and it is operated with similar technology as draw bridges and overhead traveling cranes.
  • The roof of Chase Field is made up of 9 million pounds of structural steel and 4 miles of cable.
  • The stadium is named after the Bank One Corporation, which was the original corporate sponsor of the Diamondbacks. The name was changed to Chase Field in 2005 after Bank One was acquired by JPMorgan Chase.
  • Chase Field hosted Games 1, 2, 6, and 7 of the 2001 World Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the New York Yankees. The Diamondbacks won all four home games, winning the title in seven games, and thus denying the Yankees a fourth consecutive championship. It was the first time since 1991 that the home team won all games of a World Series.
  • The longest home run ever hit at Chase Field was 504 feet, by Adam Dunn in 2008. The longest home run hit in Major League Baseball history is 575 feet, by Giancarlo Stanton in 2016.

The first stop on this two series away stand is Chase Field located in Phoenix, Arizona as the Dodgers take on the Arizona Diamondbacks! (Also for future record the date on these is not the day I flew them but the day they were flown irl, same thing with the time)

Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR) - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (KPHX)

Date: April 5, 2023
Aircraft: United Airlines B757-200
Scheduled Departure Time: 3:00PM PDT
Actual Departure Time: 4:19PM PDT
Server: Training Server
Gate of Departure: North Ramp Hangar 34
Runway to Depart: 15
Cruise Altitude: 33,000ft
Cruise Speed: Mach 0.80
Expected Arrival Runway: 26
Scheduled Arrival Time: 4:30PM PDT
Actual Arrival Time: 5:28PM PDT
Gate of Arrival: An empty area near Runway 8
Estimated Flight Time: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes
Actual Flight Time: 1 Hour and 9 Minutes

Parked at Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR)

Takeoff view facing the Hollywood Hills

View of Hollywood Burbank Airport, the neighborhoods of North Hollywood & Sun Valley, and the distant San Gabriel Mountains


View of the Santa Monica Mountains & the Pacific Ocean as we climb

Another pic of the San Gabriel Mountains as we climb because why not

Some pics of the Mojave Desert and some mountains in what I believe is Tonto National Forest during Climb, Cruise, and Descent

Don’t quote me on this but I believe that greenish-blueish thing is the Salt River here on the final approach into Phoenix

Another pic of final approach with a view of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport & the city of Phoenix

Parking at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

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The Dodgers Played in Phoenix with the following results:

April 6, 2023: The Dodgers get their third straight dub in a row and beat the Arizona Diamondbacks

April 7, 2023: The Dodgers drop Game 2 against the Arizona Diamondbacks

April 8, 2023: The Dodgers fall to the Arizona Diamondbacks

April 9, 2023: Last one in AZ and The Dodgers fall to the Arizona Diamondbacks

After this it was time for the Dodgers to go to their next away series which was set to be held in San Francisco (time for the next flight)

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I don’t watch baseball so i’ll do this for the Chiefs lol

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Nah 49ers.

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