Recreating The "Crazy Late Takeoff From St. Maarten"

This is my first Screenshots topic, so let me know your thoughts.

Some of you have probably seen the Crazy Late Takeoff From St. Maarten with the World Atlantic Airlines MD-80.

I decided to recreate it in IF using a Blue1 B717 instead.

Flight Information

Blue1 Boeing 717-200
Taking off from St. Maarten

Real VS Infinite Flight

Image credits to @AeronewsGlobal and Paul Ellinger for the real world MD-83 photos.


All the more reason we need the MD-80 in the game!

Great photos!


Wow! That is pin point accurate! Credits to you on that

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Man this is incredible! It is lined up precisely! Also, is this your first non-rwa topic? 😂

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Apparently I’ve got some topic in general from when I first joined lol


You’ve also posted some #real-world-aviation:spotting topics

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That’s how it works ;)
How did you lift off that late, low N1 or late takeoff roll or high VR or…?

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It took a few tries but I maintained around 145 kts until the end of the runway.

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You definitely have to time it well to not lift up by yourself before that point, right?

Well done, thanks for the explanation!

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Yup, had some difficulty getting the right angle

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wonderful how much training you have friend I congratulate you

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Amazing Job!

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Nice! Always cool to see IF - IRL pics side by side

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