Recreating that one classic moment in Aviation

Hello everyone, we might have seen, even YOU the moment of that A350 and A380 in Farnbourough Air Show somewhere in the 2010’s. As i have nothing to do, i tried to recreate it and worth the editing in this one, hope you liked it!

Flight Details:

Server: Solo
Flight Time: 10 mins
Liveries: Airbus House / Air France

Now, here is the recreation!


are you talking about this by any chnace?

The A350 turning is very Nice!


I love this photo!

Is that snow within the picture?

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That’s really cool. I can’t help but wonder, how did you get 2 planes in solo 😂

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That’s an easy answer. Do two flights and get two pictures and use a background eraser to get the cutout of the plane itself.

In this picture i did two flights, captured photos of the A350 and the A380, used the background eraser to erase the background of the A380 and then put them together into a single picture.

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Yes it is snow.

As much as it pains me to do this, you aren’t allowed to have features that aren’t in the sim in your #screenshots-and-videos topics.

Next time read about whether or not a certain edit is allowed before posting.

I wish snow was in the game :((