Recreating real photos in IF (From Spotting At KPDX)

Okay! So I thought it might be fun to recreate some photos I took while I was spotting at KPDX a couple weeks ago, turns out it’s harder than it sounds. I tried my best with these and I hope they turned out well!


I think they turned out to be decent, not great but just decent. Please leave your thoughts below! I also have many, many more photos from spotting at KPDX that I can try to recreate as well!

(I’m guessing this goes into the General category)

~ Jeffrey Varga


I think this is actually quite cool and it’s something different from your normal spotting pictures that you see about the forum. Great work!


Thank you so much! Maybe I’ll update the post with more photos :D

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Wow this is actually really neat! Thanks for taking the time to make such unique content. I’d love to see more like this in the future! I feel like this could be an interesting thread.

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Thank you very much! :D

That’s really nice. For the Air Canada Dash 8, if you’re doing this on solo, you could take off, shutoff the engines and then go to replay. Engines will stay off👌🏽


omg! Great idea! I will try it when I have time later. Thanks for checking out my post :D

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This is a really cool idea, well done! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Wow I like the idea
Can I borrow the idea for the future?

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Wow, I like this! It’s really unique! Nice job mate!


Thank you a lot! I really appreciate it :D

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Your welcome! I hope to do more of it in the future.

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Yes you can, but don’t just copy and paste the entire post 😂

Thanks btw!


These are really good photos keep up the good work

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Thanks man! I will try my best :D

When did you spot in PDX because that’s where I spot! But I don’t live there, I live 3 hours away…

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Two weeks ago from yesterday!

This is really cool and a great idea :)

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