Recreating My Seattle To Kona Flight

Hello there!

Back in March I flew with Alaska Airlines onboard their 737 MAX 9 (N932AK to be specific).
This flight was also special in another way, since this will also be (what is now) my old iPad’s last flight after 6 years of service, giving me some 2900 hours in IF.
Now I mentioned earlier the flight I was on used the MAX 9. That creates an issue, since we don’t have the MAX 9, so I’ll be using a similarly sized 737-900.

Mini Mod Repellent

Route: Seattle (KSEA) to Kona (PHKO)
Cruise Alt: 35,000
Server: Expert
Aircraft: 737-900 (Alaska Air)

1.) At gate N10, the same one I departed from.

2) Rotating into the sky on 16L

3) Leaving the North American continent behind

4) Somewhere about half way into the trip.

5) On descent, with Maui in the background.

6) A little bit later with the Island of Hawaii (sometimes called the Big Island) off in the distance.

7) Continuing downwind for a landing on runway 17.

8) Touchdown on runway 17

9) At gate 7


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Thanks for dropping by!


I love the recreation of your flight, I’ve done this several times before and it’s absolutely recommended for the full immersion you get because of a very precise happening that just happens again(on the phone). Amazing Screenshots, I wish you alot of butter landings!! 😀

I wish the tail a speedy recovery!

(Nevertheless, very nice shots!)


That tail strike 🥴

(Great Shots)

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gonna start using this from now on.

Number 8? I think that’s a part of how the replay works, since every landing I’ve ever seen in my replays doesn’t seem to register that ground contact at first so it just keeps going down for a second

RIP tail lol nice pics

I find it odd I never even noticed the tail strike, until various users had pointed it out. Makes me wonder if the devs could include some kind of tail strike notice in the future or something

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That would be good especially for the 787 lol

Maybe when Hawaiian begins operating their 787
(although not sure if that’ll happen since I don’t think they operate their existing wide body fleet out of Kona anyway)

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Great pictures. Question- how do you get those other wing views?

Interior Drone, under the menu with free cam