Recreating my real life birthday flight in IF

Exactly one year ago, for my birthday, I did a flight from my local airport in Milan to Lugano, in Switzerland with the legendary Cessna. Hopefully soon I will do other amazing flights like this one!

Today I recreated it in Infinite Flight. I also put some shots from my real flight I’m comparison, I hope you enjoy.

Aircraft: Cessna 172
Flight time: 20 minutes
Sever: Training

Preparing the flight to Lugano


Cruising and leaving Italy for Switzerland

Turning final approach, runway 01

Landed! Smooth touchdown after a steep approach, time for debriefing!

That’s all! The photos are not edited. I hope y’all still enjoy!


that’s really cool!


Very nice!
And ummm, happy birthday 😉🎉

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Thank you!

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Very cool! Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday, make sure to enjoy it! Congrats! 🥳

Great photos as well!

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Thanks all!

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Beautiful photos! Happy birthday! 🎊

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Incredible photos! Happy birthday🥳

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