Recreating breakoff landing 747 @Schiphol, Eham

Any tips, comments feel free to leave, if you got any good landing to recreate let me know pls, thanks


I’m not sure what exactly the point of this topic is.

The point of this topic is for @GatwickGuy to share the video he made in Infinite flight. That’s what the #screenshots-and-videos category is for.


What airport is that?

EHAM. It’s in the title.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Nothing to say. Lol. Thanks.

Hiya! Just recreating this approach. Lock on to ils27 then visual landing on 24. I didn’t have app option as I was heavy.

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I would suggest go to KBFI, that is the code for the Boeing field

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Try getting more flare on the landing

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