Recreating 4 Different Flights I’m About To Do In Real Life

Today I flew a route I’m going on in about a week irl.
There were four separate flights, and the details will be provided below :D
The total flight time of these 4 flights was 7hrs 20mins.
First Flight KSFO-CYYC, Air Canada CRJ-900
2hrs 1min

Taking off from SFO

Cruising at FL330

Landing at CYYC which needs to be in 3D
Second Flight CYYC-CYVR Air Canada Boeing 737MAX8 (but I used an A321 because there is no max in the game) flight time: 1hr 38mins

Shortly after taking off from CYYC, awe fly over some very beautiful mountains.

Landing at CYVR.
Third Flight CYVR-KSEA. Flight Time: 33mins
Dash 8Q400 for Alaska Airlines
We start our short hop taking off from Vancouver.

Turning on left base at KSEA. @AlaskaAirlinesVA might like this one :D

At KSEA just after sunset.

Fourth Flight KSEA-KSTS Alaska Airlines ERJ-175 (generic)
Flight time: 1hr 58mins

Leaving Seattle, climbing to FL340

Landing at KSTS which also needs to be in 3D
Anyway thanks for viewing! I spent a lot of time on these flights and this topic :D can’t wait to go on these 4 flights in real life! Also can’t wait for the EJet to be reworked!!!


Nice photos!

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Thanks!! I tried to get the best ones I could since it was getting dark in game.

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I did this once IRL when we were going to Banff! Great slopes for skiing ;)

Great shots! I love the shots from the flight to Santa Rosa, it’s an underutilized airport

and yes, Calgary and Santa Rosa both need to be 3D

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Nice! Calgary Is a nice airport :D
Cant wait until YYC and STS are 3D!!

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thanks for the awesome information.


Beautiful shots !

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No problem! :) Welcome to the community!

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Guess what

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What? (10 characters)

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Calgary is 3d! (Of course this isn’t news but I just wanted to say)

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Yeah I know!!! It’s a great 3D airport :D (I’m about to make a topic in a few mins with YYC in it)

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Awesome, sounds nice!

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