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Greetings. As noted by AA, there is a theoretical procedure to recover a large airliner that has been taught by American Airlines at there Advanced Maneuver Recovery lecture. And in their opinion when the aircraft approaches stall with the nose pitching up - dumping the lift of one of the stalling wings and then essentially doing an exotic…spin? Uh…move that may very well only be seen at air shows. Idle throttle as the aircraft achieves an inverted position then the pilot in command will push down on the yoke away from them and use the rudder (which now acts as the ailerons) in coordination with the yoke while rolling the aircraft opposite of the dump and powering up the engines to about 50% with nose pitch of about 15°

The goal is to essentially achieve 0 gravity (G) throughout the roll.

Similar training by American Airlines has been condemned by the FAA and was directly credited to the crash of American Airlines Flight 587, respectively. American Airlines had received criticism about their practices and simulator training from several experts which implied that they overestimated the Integrity structure capabilities of their aircraft.

Needless to say, I have tried this many times in Infinite Flight for proof of concept and it works well…in fact, it works exactly how they say it will work.

For more information, I have provided a direct link to the lectures.


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