recovering from a high altitude stall

its been awhile since i did a flight with the 777 and i forget their max cruise altitude.,. which is basically an epic pilot error ;.;

thankfully as i am using my laptop the Tablet is next to my right which is running IF so i turn my head and monitor my flight between time to time,

as i reached FL405 with a speed of Mach 0.86, like about few minutes later i heard the engines sounding dramatic all of sudden!! i look at it and omg the aircraft was pitching down at like -6000 ft/m and was bobbing left and right ;.; i got really nervous and panicked for a second but i knew there’s no time for panicking, surprisingly the autopilot was still functioning! it was trying to keep the speed at Mach 0.86 as well as the heading! anyway the first thing i did was disconnecting the autopilot and easily brought the nose up while looking at the vertical speed and then re-engaged the autopilot setting the altitude at FL345 and continued with the NAV,.

as i was recovering from the stall i remembered the max flight level limits for the 777s and i felt so disappointed in myself ;.; its marks my very first high altitude stall experience,.

but anyway we successfully managed to recover and we’re continuing the flight from LA to Tokyo, we have enough fuel and we’re not too heavy , and the passengers are fine they just experienced a little roller coaster moment ^_^


Glad everything turned out ok and that you knew how to respond!

The passengers will need therapy after this one lol

good thing there was no traffic below us >.<

we have plenty of time to come up with an excuse or else i will get kicked out of British Airways lol

You mean fired lol


But B777 can fly at 43.000. And usually they can climb to 41.000 feet. You can search it from google. I heard that from someone which are working at aviation. but you can see that in internet.

40,500 is pretty high for the 777. Keep it under 40,000

B777 service ceiling is 43,100 ft

yeah but in IF can they handle above FL400?!

service ceiling is a thing, maximum altitude is another thing,.

also you can try that yourself and see if the 777 can stay at 43,100 ft without bobbing violently until the point of stall,.

btw i am talking about the aircraft performance in this simulator only,.

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No not really, 777’s fly at FL410 quite often with no problem. The problem with the flight here is possibly weight, rate of climb, etc.

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i was already leveled at FL405 when its happened tho!

but i was heavy and i didn’t step-climb i just climbed straight to FL405 however as i passed FL200 i reduced my climb to 1500 ft/m and as i climb higher i keep reducing the climb rate all the way to 500/300 ft/m while also applying trim,.

for the next flight i will try the step-climbing method and see if i can level at FL400 or FL410

And if you are too heavy you really don’t need to be at FL400 or above l, until a later phase in flight.

I know its a different thing. Point was that the 777 can cruise at FL405 easily, just need to step climb

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alright will do that for the next flight ^_^

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I just did a sampling/filter on FR24 of all airborne/tracked 777’s. The vast majority were between 32000 and 38000’ with a few at 39000 and only one at FL400. That one was BAW173 LHR-JFK 777-236ER G-VIIA (a GE90 bird) with ~1:30 left to go in a ~6.5 hour flight. I’d keep it to 32000 when heavy to 38000-edit: thinking more oh this-I actually had a flight in the A321 the other day where I had a planned cruise alt of 38000-I definitely should’ve been lower for my weight at that point and while it was stable-the struggle at that altitude was evidenced by higher fuel burn/N1% and a very touchy autopilot once the plane was above FL350. The 777 is most decidedly a long haul plane-so if you’re taking off at heavy weights-use a step climb proceudure-simbrief will plan that all out for you and get you the optimum altitudes you need.

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You might just be a little heavy. Use and plan stepclimbs :) (You can easily program them with @epaga ‘s app, IF Assistant 😉)


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