Recover purchase blocks ok when selecting aircraft

Using an iPhone SE all over the times after selecting a different airline and aircraft I am not able to progress with OK button because “Recover purchases” is layered over the OK button and I am not able to press it.

Hi @LondonW , welcome to the community, any chance you could share a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing?

And which generation of SE are you using?’

The SE doesn’t have a lot of screen real-estate.

You could check the Display Zoom setting to see if there is a setting available that makes everything smaller.
It’s not ideal, but it might create enough room for the buttons to not overlap.

Go to Settings → Display & Brightness → Display Zoom.

Hi Dan,
thx for your reply. It is second generation SE and please find the screenshot attached.
I’ve doublechecked with an iPhone XR, and the distance between the “Recover Purchase” button and the left corner is the same on the bigger screen of the XR. So it seems, the graphics position was hard coded instead of related to screen size in the middle.

Could you try following the steps above posted by @Jan in regards to changing the display zoom and see if this fixes the issue?

I’ve passed the issue onto the development team in the meantime. It seems the SE has been presenting issues for a while:

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