Recover Deleted Replays

I think there should be a feature where you can go into a specific folder and try to find deleted replays you have deleted in the past. If you want to see something that you forgot to report or you just want the replay back in general.

Well I mean… then what’s the point of deleting?


Then they need to have a folder for deleted items which ultimately builds up in space since the replays aren’t deleted off your device. People delete replay files to free up space. This would ruin the point of deleting your replays to save storage.


Can you please elaborate a bit on what exactly you want? Do you want them to be moved into a folder where they will be deleted after a set time or just have this folder instead of “are you sure you want to delete this replay” button?


So if I get this correctly you’re looking for something that would work in the same way as the MS Windows recycle bin, where your deleted items are placed (and can be recovered from) until you empty the recycle bin. Correct?


Something like the iPhone’s Recently Deleted section.

Yes that is exactly what we need :)

I mean some people would like to recover replays for a specific reason.

Well at the end of the day you have the choice of deleting what replays you want to. If there is a specific reason you would need to recover it simply don’t delete it.


I think it’s a valid request. Would need to consider removing a vote for it though.


@PilotCSG, having cloud storage in Infinite Flight as you suggest would be brilliant. This way, the replays would be tied to one’s Facebook/google account, which would make replays visible when changing devices(as I think those get automatically deleted too).

Not a bad idea, but I’d be curious on wat the devs think.

My main concern is where would they store that deleted information? Surely it’ll take up storage to have a new folder and the main reason people delete replays is to save storage in the first place. If there is a way to do this method without taking storage I’d like the idea. It is just incomplete for me.

iCloud works in a way that I store all my music and other media files virtually, without gobbling my device’s storage. I think the application of this concept onto Infinite Flight is a way of making this happen. iCloud links devices in a way that the media on my iPhone is available on my iPad by synching both devices using a common account ie my iCloud or in the case of Infinite Flight, the FB or Google account.

This feature could work using this philosophy. However, concern would be shifted to space availability in the cloud storage.

If they are able to do that, I’d love the idea. Just not quite sure if the files for replays IF has will be able to work since they aren’t your traditional normal files as far as I know.

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Sometimes you delete the wrong replay by miscking it or thinking you don’t think you need it but suddenly you do.

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I’m with you, I’m always struggling with 10-12 hour replays because of low storage. But it seems like a great feature after all, if you have a small screen device sometimes more than one replay gets selected and you end up deleting a good replay. ( It happened to me more than once)

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