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Hi, I have a problem with infnity flight.
The problem is the following.
I installed infinity flight a long time ago, unfortunately without game center (ios).
After a while I got rid of it because of a problem and when I wanted to reinstall it, I had to pay that 5 € again.
How can I recover the account?

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Hello, welcome to the community!

Maybe you have a different account which may never been recognize by IF. Try using another account and see which one was used for IF.

Make sure you are using the same Apple ID now that you were using before.


Try to get on the app and select “fly online”. When it asks you to select an account pick either google or facebook, (whichever you used before) then use your log in credentials and select your payment method. It may load something up depending on if you have an active subscription.

His problem is he can’t download it from App Store. It asks him to pay for it again. (He needs original account he purchased with to redownload purchase)

@planes8 it’s nothing to do with Game Center. If you use same account as originally purchased you should be able to redownload.

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