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Youtubers of IFC how do you record your videos with the new replay system. Do I need to use a screen recorder? Am I missing a feature somewhere in the settings?

Hello, @X_Pilot_Mobile.

Well, Infinite Flight used to have its own In-Flight screen-recorder, but that has since been removed. As an alternative, I use the Mobizen Screen Recorder for Android.


I always have that little time bar at the bottom, how do I remove that?

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Go to your Mobizen Settings, and simply turn it off. 😉

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Yeah I use mobizen for X Plane 10 mobile but what do I do about the replay bar at the bottom of the replay?

Simply hold down on your screen for three seconds, and the bottom bar should disappear.

I recommend using this guide about replays if you need any further assistance regarding the replay feature.


Thank you so much I really needed a solution to this.

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